Gov. Brown signs Uber, Lyft background check bill into law

“Uber and Lyft will have to start conducting stricter driver background checks next year under a new law signed Wednesday by Gov. Jerry Brown.

The new law comes as Uber and Lyft are under fire over claims that they don’t do enough to protect the safety of their passengers.”

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Is Trust Enough in The Sharing Economy?

If you book a Marriott Hotel or take a London black cab, you know what you’re getting and more importantly, know who to go to if things go wrong.

It’s slightly different with the likes of Airbnb and Uber. The companies are really just technological enablers with the individual driver or homeowner the point of contact.”

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Uber now requires drivers to take selfies for added security

“Uber announced today that it’ll require drivers to snap selfies before signing on to the platform and accepting ride requests. The new feature, called Real-Time ID …”

“…some critics say it’s an acknowledgement by Uber that some drivers have never undergone background checks. It’s also an interesting addition from a company that has long resisted other security measures such as fingerprinting drivers to check for criminal records.”

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Concur: Seven ways to increase small business efficiency

Inefficiency, like rust, never sleeps, and can suddenly creep into any corner of your business.

Vigilance against inefficiency is even more critical for SMBs because the margins for error can be thin, and small but steady drains on revenue can suddenly hit a tipping point.”

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Uber and Lyft drivers could soon face tougher background checks, thanks to bill headed to Gov. Jerry Brown

The bill would prohibit the companies from hiring drivers who are registered sex offenders, have been convicted of violent felonies or, within the last seven years, have a driving-under-the-influence conviction.

…The bill also mandates a maximum $5,000 fine each time a ride-hailing company violates the background-check rules.”

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