More Than 8,000 Uber And Lyft Drivers Failed New Background Checks In Massachusetts

The state reviewed the criminal and driving records of nearly 71,000 drivers who had already passed reviews by the companies, and rejected 8,206 — about 11 percent.

Hundreds were disqualified for having serious crimes on their record, including violent or sexual offenses, and others for driving-related offenses, such as drunken driving or reckless driving, according to the state Department of Public Utilities.”

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Lyft Gets $500 Million in New Funding as Its Rival Uber Wobbles

For years, Lyft has trailed its larger rival Uber in the battle to conquer the ride-hailing market. More recently, Lyft has gotten a boost.

The smaller ride-hailing company has secured up to $500 million in a new round of funding that values Lyft at $6.9 billion before the addition of new capital…”

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FlitWays & Lyft Form Strategic Corporate Rideshare Partnership in the United States

Flitways and Lyft form strategic corporate partnershipFlitWays is one of the leading providers of rideshare to corporations. Currently working with organizations including: Xerox, Megabus, TUI Group, P-Airbus, and many more in various stages of the pipeline.

The partnership gives FlitWays access to Lyft’s extensive driver network to supplement their existing coverage.”

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How Uber could become a nightmarish monopoly

“What if every time you took a taxi, you were charged the absolute maximum you could afford?”

“Two years ago it fended off an attempt at regulation from New York City with a massive PR blitz, and it has threatened to leave Maryland if that state insists on toughening up its driver background checks.”

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Ride-Sharing Services Now Allowed by One-Half of Corporate Travel Policies across the Globe, According to Latest Survey by the GBTA Foundation and American Express

“The sharing economy trends that have come to define personal travel are now significantly influencing business travel as well… However, nearly one in five travelers are still unsure whether their employer’s policies allow for sharing-economy services…”

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Uber policy change will allow non-violent ex-cons to take the wheel

Uber officials said they are working to loosen driver requirements in the hopes of giving more people a second chance at life.

Uber began working on loosening its rules earlier this year after California reduced the penalty for some crimes and changed them from felonies to misdemeanors.”

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