Ride-Sharing Services Now Allowed by One-Half of Corporate Travel Policies across the Globe, According to Latest Survey by the GBTA Foundation and American Express

“The sharing economy trends that have come to define personal travel are now significantly influencing business travel as well… However, nearly one in five travelers are still unsure whether their employer’s policies allow for sharing-economy services…”


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Uber policy change will allow non-violent ex-cons to take the wheel

Uber officials said they are working to loosen driver requirements in the hopes of giving more people a second chance at life.

Uber began working on loosening its rules earlier this year after California reduced the penalty for some crimes and changed them from felonies to misdemeanors.”


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Pamela Anderson Stars In Rider Safety PSA

“The Driving Game!” is an extension of the Ride Responsibly initiative to improve safety for passengers using ride-hailing apps.

In the PSA, Pamela Anderson takes a lighthearted approach at communicating the critically important point “you can’t always vet the driver you are using, but the service you are using should.”


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Uber drivers playing ‘cat and mouse’ in South Jersey

While state legislators are still working on a bill to protect consumers and eliminate a patchwork of local laws, the lack of statewide regulations has created a complicated problem for the drivers, the towns and taxi companies.

Taxi drivers say they pay registration and licensing fees — and have different requirements for background checks — that their new competitors don’t.”


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12 Interesting Lyft Statistics

Image courtesy of Lyft

With the industry rock star Uber getting most of the ride-sharing attention in the US, it is easy to sometimes overlook their competitors. That would be a mistake in the case of Lyft. While not as big as Uber, the San Francisco company has put up some substantial numbers in its 4 years of existence.

Here are a few of the most interesting Lyft statistics…”


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