Transportation Authority Says Uber And Lyft Make San Francisco Traffic Worse

The ride-sharing companies, also dubbed in regulatory circles TNCs (Transportation Network Companies), like Lyft or Uber were largely responsible for causing speed declines (55% during most of the day and 75% in the evening), increasing the time people sit in traffic (51% during the day and nearly 70% in the evening) and the increase of miles traveled.

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Uber and Lyft will be trusted to self-report regarding surcharges

City officials would have to take the companies’ word for much they owe to cover the new $2.75-per-ride congestion surcharge.

The fees will begin in January 2019. It will cost an extra $2.75 to hail an Uber or other for-hire vehicle below 60th Street. Cabs will set riders back $2.50, and pooled-ride services, such as Via, will take another 75 cents.

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Uber Faces Federal Inquiry Over Use of Greyball Tool to Evade Authorities

The inquiry concerns Uber’s use of a software tool called Greyball, which the company developed in part to aid entrance into new markets where its service was not permitted.

The tool allowed Uber to deploy what was essentially a fake version of its app to evade law enforcement agencies that were cracking down on its service.

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Ridesharing Bill Headed to Florida’s Gov. Scott

Local governments and the taxicab industry, which often is regulated locally, have long opposed a statewide regulatory framework for ridesharing companies. But the bill easily moved through the Legislature this year and drew virtually no discussion on the Senate floor Wednesday.

Uber, Lyft and major business groups issued statements praising passage of the bill and urging Scott to sign it.

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