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Legislative recommendation for extensive background checks

Eight members of Congress made a Legislative recommendation to Uber, Lyft and all PNCs “expressing concern regarding sexual assault and potential gaps in the screening process” for their drivers.

“Your companies should implement fingerprint-based background checks right now. This would match screening standards for taxicab services that are already required by many of the largest state regulators across the United States…”


We Must Pay More Attention to Duty of Care

Kevin Iwamoto, a Senior Consultant at GoldSpring Consulting recently spoke at the 2016 GBTA Convention in Denver on duty of care for meetings and events.

“I’m concerned that not enough of us fully understand what duty of care means and what specifically applies to meeting and event leaders as part of their onsite planning responsibilities. During the panel session, we shared some best practices, which I, in turn am sharing with you.”



Facing Uber and accessibility hurdles, green taxi operators are seeing red

Boro-taxi permit owners, like medallion owners, feel the city betrayed them by not limiting Uber’s expansion.

They argue that they paid for the exclusive right to street hails, and e-hails are essentially the same (an argument that has failed in court).”



Real-time fleet analysis protects duty of care and safety

Duty of Care supplement–tracks speeding, driver quality via on board vehicle computer.

“Previously, fleet operators had only been able to act retrospectively using such information, however the involvement of Ctrack’s system makes it possible to extract real-time driver performance data…”



Uber now requires drivers to take selfies for added security

“Uber announced today that it’ll require drivers to snap selfies before signing on to the platform and accepting ride requests. The new feature, called Real-Time ID …”

“…some critics say it’s an acknowledgement by Uber that some drivers have never undergone background checks. It’s also an interesting addition from a company that has long resisted other security measures such as fingerprinting drivers to check for criminal records.”